All the characters and environments of the movie Hanuman Vs Mahiravana were designed by me. I present some of them below along with my own personal/unpublished work.

Ravana in Solitude: Ravana is the ten headed demon king in Indian folklore. My rendition is how he sits alone in his chamber and how the rest of his heads appear and offer ideas. This is one of the initial few paintings that I made which defined the tone of HvM movie.

Naga Queen: An Indian deity that comes to life off a mural.

Swamp Thing: An experimental piece of artwork quickly achieved by creating high res 3D models (in rough shape), adding lights, and drawing over the rendered image to create the illustration. This was done over three classes as a demonstration to my students at Emagic Academy.

Rage of the Giant: An old sketch of a voodoo cave monster from years ago that I recently revamped using procreate.

Kali Altar: An environment design from Hanuman Vs Mahiravana movie. The set piece is a sacrificial altar where the villian performs his evil deeds including dark magic and human sacrifice.

Ravana Character for Gamaya Legends Toys: I had designed a whole range of toys for the Gamaya Legends game. Ravana is seen in a ferocious pose and his ten heads are part of his hair locks.

Hanuman Spins: One of the challenges of depicting a huge character in the movie is the question of how to establish scale. In this case the climatic sequence of HvM has a giant Hanuman spinning in mid-air. The scale was established by 'sucking in' the minions in a giant whirlwind he creates during the spin sequence.

Princess & the Beast: A young Indian princess with growing up issues meets a kind-hearted beast in the dense Indian jungles. Just a premise that popped in my head one day.

Feathered Friend: A sketch made with watercolour pencils and later modified in procreate. The idea was of a mystical bird that communicates well.

The Tree Fairy and The Woodcutter: How I imagine a popular Indian fable.

Fairywoods Cover Art: Fairywoods was a short film project done for a 2018 batch of students of emagic. We plan to get a book done of it, and this is a cover design.

Fairy Forest: A group of tiny fairies spending their leisure time together in their home forest. This was a concept done for the Fairywoods project.

Watercolour artwork done soon after the release of the first lord of the rings movie. Had a major creative impact on me. Digitally retouched recently.

Excavation Site: Dr. Dev is an experienced Archaeologist who narrates the story of Ramayana to two kids as he uncovers some ancient monuments.

Vali Vs Sugriva: Sugriva, the king of the monkeys, greets Rama as he joins him in the quest to rescue Sita.

NMahiravana's Penance: Mahiravana goes on a penance for years. This concept art describes his perseverance.

Sage Tamisra: An old and powerful sage lives deep in a dangerous forest. He is a master of dark magic and sorcery.

Sugriva in Plateau: Surgiva and his monkey army guard the plateau region.

Hanuman Vs Giant Snake: This is a personal artwork done long before the HvM came into existence. It was done on paper with micro-tip pen.

Sugriva's Army: Gigantic Sugriva addresses his army of monkeys deep in the woods.

​Sita is seen on a balcony as she waits for Rama. A concept art done for the Sita Song

A fantasy sequence describing the couple's separation and longing for each other. An interesting concept, however it didn't make the final cut of the movie.

Sita Song Sequence: Sita is seen floating in space with a ribbon and a lot of Indian style lamps spiraling around her. It is a fantasy sequence for the song.

Rama At War: This concept art shows that battle has already taken toll of many. The destruction is seen all around and Rama is shown with a lot of focus as he strives towards victory.

Rama Braving the Storm: Rama is seen striding against the wind. This sequence metaphorically describes how he slowly lumbers forwards on his quest to reclaim Sita.

Mahiravana Flashback Sequence: This concept art shows young Mahiravana travelling across strange forest landscapes with lots of spooky and weird trees.

The Treacherous Barrier: Ravana is quite often shown metaphorically as a stone mountain or wall that prevents the union of Rama and his wife Sita. Just another concept art done for the Sita song sequence.

Assassin Habitat: An environment of deep jungle atmosphere with ancient ruins all around. The tree burrows are actually the habitat of the flying Asuras who come in the film.

Taka and Baka encounter the Asuras. Taka and Baka are the comic relief spy characters who encounter the Asuras in the deep woods.

Mahiravana's Guards: Mahiravana is the lord of the underworld. His minions are shown to have snake like processess for the lower part of the body.

Snake Guard Character Views

After a Hard Day's Battle: Monkey soldiers relax after a day of battle in Sri Lanka.

Ravana's Palace: A concept art showing Ravana majestically standing in his palace chambers. The picture describes the details in the environment of his palace.

Entrance to Mahiravana's Realm: The story has it that Mahiravana's Kingdom is sealed off by the presence of a powerful goddess and the kingdom is simply inaccessible to anyone from the outside world. Incidentally, this was the first concept art that was done for HvM movie.

Sugriva In Battle: The Asura army looks dwarfed in comparison to the size of the giant Monkey King Sugriva.